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Our team includes passionate cannabis experts, operation masterminds, plant scientists and quality control specialists. At the heart of our culture lies the passion for hunting the finest genetics. Our team has scoured the globe to build an extensive genetic bank. In our meticulous selection process, we evaluate multiple factors including terpene profiles, aroma intensity, cannabinoid composition, bag appeal, and burn quality to ensure an exceptional cannabis experience.


But above all, we choose phenotypes that we are excited to smoke ourselves! 


Built with purpose

Operating out of our purpose-built 30,000 sq. ft indoor facility in Montreal, Quebec.

Our custom-designed facility adheres to EU-GMP guidelines while prioritizing sustainability. We exclusively use clean hydropower electricity from Quebec and have reduced our electricity consumption through free-cooling technology. We have also eliminated natural gas consumption by reclaiming heat from our chillers. Our nine standardized flowering rooms feature two vertical tiers for space optimization and side-by-side experimentation. Each room has a dedicated air handling unit to control the environment and minimize cross-contamination. Advanced equipment systems enable precise control over the environment and fertigation, ensuring consistent product quality within and across batches. Our proprietary ERP seamlessly integrates all systems, fostering efficient facility operation and data-driven continuous improvement.


Our Journey 



Lyonleaf was founded by visionary entrepreneurs who recognized the need for standardized, premium cannabis products.



Lyonleaf's purpose built phase 1 facility completes construction

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